Dealership Receptionist

Job Description

Duties and Responsibilities

Job Title: Receptionist/Cashier


To be the dealership’s front-line customer relations and service sales representative.

~Core Responsibilities as an Associate with Park Avenue Motor Cars~

  • You are required to maintain the highest levels of professionalism in the performance of your job.
  • You are expected to perform every task with the utmost integrity.
  • You are required to maintain a high level of personal grooming, hygiene and appearance.
  • You are required to wear the company supplied uniform and to adhere to the company’s dress code policy.
  • You are expected to utilize your assigned parking space and adhere to established parking lot guidelines.
  • You are required to greet each client in a prompt and courteous manner.  Remember, there is no substitute for good manners.
  • You are expected to treat co-workers with respect and courtesy.    
  • You are not to accept gratuities for your services.  If a tip is offered by a client, simply thank them for being our client and explain that our company policy does not permit you to accept tips.  If the tip is forced upon you by the client, forward the tip to the department manager.
  • You are required to maintain your annual Standards of Excellence (S.O.E.) certification with Mercedes-Benz and actively participate in factory training when requested to do so by your supervisor.
  • If your job description permits you to qualify to receive bonuses or incentives from a vendor, the manufacturer or the company, it is a requirement for you to be employed with the company for the entire length of time the bonus or incentive is offered.  In the event you leave the company during the bonus or incentive period, all pay for these bonuses and incentives will be forfeited.
  • You are required to actively participate in all company training programs, such as, COMPLI.
  • Always operate client and company vehicles in a safe and professional manner.  You are expected and required to obey the laws of the highway.  Texting on cell phones is prohibited.  Remember, you are an ambassador of the company and your actions must reflect favorably upon all of us.
  • You are expected to treat company assets with care and respect.  These assets include but are not limited to equipment, furniture, tools, vehicles and property.
  • If you cannot report to work you are required to report your anticipated absence or lateness to your department manager directly.
  • Immediately report to the General Manager any situation or condition that jeopardizes the safety, welfare or integrity of the dealership, its’ associates or clients.