Mercedes-Benz How To Videos

On this page, we have gathered a selection of how to videos addressing some of the most frequently asked questions our team receives. Whether you’re looking to understand the intricacies of your Mercedes-Benz’s advanced MBUX system, learn about how the Hands-Free Access trunk operates, or discover tips for our DISTRONIC system, these videos provide clear, step-by-step instructions.

How to: Garage Door Opener Pairing

How To: Pairing your iPhone and Apple Carplay

How To: Pairing your Android and Android Auto

How to: Mercedes-Benz SmartKey and KEYLESS GO® Features

How to: Seamless Door Handles

How to: Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC

How to: Driving Assistance Features

How to: Parktronic and Active Parking Assist

How To: Mercedes Me Connect New User Registration

How to: Seamless Door Handles Emergency Release and Emergency Key

How to: Hands-Free Access (Kick to Open Trunk)